If you read the previous post, you know I’ve been selling off my DVDs. I’m going to blog briefly about the DVDs I’ve already sold on a continual basis. Here’s the first installment.

James Cameron hasn’t made a lot of movies, but each one has been memorable. A true example of becoming successful via quality over quantity. In my opinion,  Aliens (1986) is Cameron’s best film. It’s a successful sequel to Ridley Scott’s Alien, that improves upon its predecessor in interesting ways.

Alien is an amazing film that operates on a the levels of production design, tension, and mythology. Aliens is an action-packed war movie built around the main character of Ripley played by Sigourney Weaver. This sequel works because it gives a talented actress like Weaver to work with. In Alien, Ripley’s main motivation was survival. In Aliens, she’s dealing with a lot of personal issues. She’s alone. Everyone she knows is dead. No one believes what happened to her. She’s relegated to working a menial job she hates. Going back to face her worst fears is something Ripley doesn’t want to do, but needs to do.

I bought this DVD at the Virgin Mega Store in San Francisco, which is sadly no longer around. The store was going out of business, so I bought the two-disc collector’s edition of Aliens on sale at a discount.

This movie because obsolete after I bought the digital version on iTunes. It was on sale and ported over most of the special features of the DVD. It was a no-brainer to sell the DVD, but Aliens was certainly worth owning.