As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been selling off my DVDs. This post is part of a series where I briefly discuss the DVDs I’ve sold. Here’s the next installment.

I like Ron Howard just fine, but Apollo 13 is clearly is his best movie. It’s hard to make a movie where the viewers know the ending ahead of time. This is the inherent challenge making a movie based on well-know true events. However, this film is full of tension as the astronauts in space and NASA scientists on earth try to solve a series of problems on a barely-functioning space craft. One of my favorite scenes is where a group of NASA scientists have to determine how to fit a square Carbon Dioxide filter into a round hole.

I bought this DVD on a Black Friday sale at Best Buy a few years ago for something like $2.00. Yes, that’s not a misprint. Two Dollars. The DVD became obsolete after I bought it on sale at iTunes for $4.99. The iTunes version has no special features, which really sucks. However, it’s hard to complain with superior picture and sound for less than five dollars. I was sad to lose the special features, but selling the DVD wasn’t a big deal.