In my opinion, one of the laziest forms of film criticism is to pan a movie it’s not as good as its preceding installment of a film series. When I meet people who don’t like The Dark Knight Rises, they’re most common justification is that it’s not as good as The Dark Knight. I think that’s pretty lame.

The Dark Knight  was a movie so good that it forced the Academy Awards to change the nomination process for Best Picture after it got snubbed. The Dark Knight Rises may not reach those same heights, but it’s still a pretty solid film. It has flaws, but not fatal ones.

I bought The Dark Knight Rises on DVD when it first hit the shelves at Best Buy. It was probably around Christmas of 2012. I bought the blu-ray on a Black Friday sale a few years later, also at Best Buy. That blu-ray also contained a DVD copy of the movie and a digital copy on UltraViolet. Selling my original DVD was a no-brainer.