As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been selling off my DVDs. This post is part of a series where I briefly discuss the DVDs I’ve sold. Here’s the next installment.

Close Encounters of thee Third Kind is an interesting watch because Steven Spielberg doesn’t make movies like this anymore. Most of his movies are either fun adventure flicks like Raiders of the Lost Ark or heavy dramas like Schindler’s ListClose Encounters of the Third Kind is hardcore science fiction, a genre Spielberg didn’t return to until A.I.: Artificial Intelligence.

That being said, Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a pretty great film. The DVD I owned was the tricked-out 30th Anniversary edition that came on multiple discs and a fancy box. I got it on sale on Amazon. In terms of features, the DVD was very good. However, the picture quality needed work. This is often a problem with movies from the 1970s being transferred to DVD. Black-and-white movies look good. Modern movies look ok. It’s that middle period where standard definition DVD fails.

I sold this DVD when I got the HD version on sale at iTunes. Best of all, most of the special features were ported over.