As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been selling off my DVDs. This post is part of a series where I briefly discuss the DVDs I’ve sold. Here’s the next installment.

Tom Cruise is a bit of a polarizing figure, but I still like his movies quite a bit. He’s been famous for so long that it’s interesting to see to movie that first made him a star. The one thing that sticks out immediately is that Cruise has aged remarkably well over the past 30 years.

Top Gun is hardly a perfect movie. The story is thin. Some of the characters are not that deep. It’s a movie more about fuzzy feelings. The jingoistic tone that permeates throughout makes it a movie that couldn’t be released today without looking shallow. It’s still fun to watch, but it’s more entertaining on a meta level because it lays out a formula for Tom Cruise’s success over the subsequent 30 years.

I bought the Special Edition of the DVD, and it looks pretty good. However, the video quality suffers in standard definition because it’s a movie from the 1980s. I sold the DVD when the digital version went on sale on iTunes. The picture looks better in high definition, but not as much as I had hoped. I’m glad that all the special features were ported over, including the audio commentary tracks.