As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been selling off my DVDs. This post is part of a series where I briefly discuss the DVDs I’ve sold. Here’s the next installment.

Scarface is an amazing movie. It’s a three-hour epic of how a Cuban refugee who’s a thug rises to become a crime lord in Miami. Everyone knows Al Pacino is a great actor, but this is his best performance. Pacino himself thinks this is his best performance. Unfortunately, the DVD I originally bought on sale at Best Buy looked quite poor. There were also no special features.

The blu-ray of Scarface released a few years ago makes up for that poor DVD release in spades. They clearly spent a lot of time and effort to remaster the movie for high definition. There were a bunch of special features, including a new documentary about the making of the movie. Like with the Jaws blu-ray, the Scarface blu-ray came with copies of the movie on DVD, iTunes, and UltraViolet.

If I ever want to see Scarface, I’ll never have an excuse about lack of methods available.